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to send referrals online?


1. Log into Ecoferral.

2. Click Send Referral button next to the Company.

3. Company Receives Email Notification of referral.

4. You get credit for sending the Referral.

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Referrals are made To be Online!

What's it all about?

Each member of the Group that sends and receives referrals is rated. Referrals are Hot, Warm, or Cold. The Group Administrator can determine who is allowed into the group, as well as run daily, weekly or monthly reports. These reports show the details of who received referrals, and where they came from.

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Ecoferral is a web-based referral and communication tool for businesses and networking groups. Ecoferral allows you to send referrals online within your networking group and keep track of the referrals. Businesses also have the ability to send and receive testimonials from businesses within their group.

Ecoferral has an online news feed which allows you to update your status on what offers or news you may have at any given time.

Each Business gets their own profile page which highlights their qualified referrals sent and received! This page can easily be shared on social networks, and helps promote the business through their performance. Businesses also have 'recommendations' from facebook.

Companies are listed in an online directory so prospective customers can claim coupons you may offer, access your companies contact information and social networks, or ask you questions about your business. Ecoferral saves your group time and money by allowing you to track all of your referrals and not have to worry about pieces of paper. Reporting is integrated into the product to make it easier for the groups to track performance.

Companies can decide to offer a coupon. By offering coupons customers can click on the coupon to claim it, and you'll instantly be notified via email and they will be added to your dashboard.

Check out our Marketing Document to find out more about the Features of Ecoferral.

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